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  • Roundshot by SEITZ VR Drive Full
    @ AED: 22,000 ( $6027.39)
    A complete kit with all necessary parts to start a VR project. VR Drive x-motor with quick adaptor, touch screen and built-in Li-Ion batteries. VR Drive y-motor with connection cable to x-motor (optional - afor "full version"). VR bracket with quick adaptor. One long nodal rail to attach any camera/lens (short nodal lens for fisheye lenses available as accessory). Camera release cable (please indicate brand + type of your camera). USB cable (optional for HDR mode). Universal charger 110-220V with country-specific plug (Europe, US, UK, Australia). Set of allen keys for camera attachment and for hardware calibration. Spirit level (inserts into camera flash socket). Radio remote control (optional).
    Roundshot VR Drive Touch Screen Control:- Access all features at the tip of your finger. The graphical user interface is easy to read, even in daylight, allowing fast programming and easy control. Many digital cameras are compatible with the VR Drive - visit our "compatibility" section for more information. For camera control an additional USB cable connects VR Drive and camera
    Roundshot VR Drive:- The Roundshot VR Drive is the world most advanced automated stitching head. Fully or semi motorised. Compatible with any digital camera with release cable. Cylindrical or spherical panoramas, time-lapse, video, object movies, HDR. Ergonomic touch screen technology for easy control. Fully integrated workflow from image capture to stitching software. ldeal for virtual tours, spherical photography, gigapixel photography, 32-bit HDR (CGl), video (timelapse).
    Roundshot VR Drive:- motors are super strong & can lift weights of up to 20 kilos (44 lb). For maximum stability - for example gigapixel photography - we recommend centering the camera and lowering the center of gravity. Its motors are so strong that it can even be operated at a 90° angle for vertical panoramas! The VR Drive stepping motor creates a controlled impulse every 0.1°, allowing super smooth movement, very slow panning and accurate positioning. Its gears and brakes are fine-tuned for maximum precision and zero play. The built-in Li-Ion batteries are extremely strong and long-lasting. Under continuous image capture in "speed mode" the VR Drive runs up to 7 hours non-stop, under normal working conditions (20-30 panoramas per day) approximately one week. No need to change batteries, simply recharge the VR Drive overnight.
    Roundshot VR Drive full:- The VR Drive "full" is fully automated with an x-motor with touch screen for horizontal and y-motor for vertical movement. In the "semi" version the VR Drive is equipped with an x-motor with touch screen for the horizontal movement and a manual Novoflex tilting head for the vertical movement. To mount the video camera in landscape format an additional VR bracket is attached to the y-motor or y-clamp.

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