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  • Triopo 3M-228+NB-2S
    @AED 410 ($111.26 ) 
    PTZ type: Ball head    
    Material: Magnesium&Aluminum alloy    
    Tripod Sessions: 4    
    Diameter range: 28/19    
    Maximum height: 1700mm    
    Minimum height: 320mm    
    Storage Length: 620mm    
    Weight: 2.42KG    
    Load bearing: 15KG   

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  • TRIOPO FM-28043
    Carbon Fiber Steadycam Handheld Stabilizer For DSLR Camera DV  
    @AED 430 ($116.69 )  
    Type:Professional Tripod
    Max Heigh: 15mm
    Fold height:550mm
    section :5 section
    Carbon fiber material

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  • Triopo Stabilizer FM 241
    @AED 320 ($ 86.84 )  
    Carbon Fiber + Aluminum Alloy Retractable Handheld Stabilizer for SLR Camera
    High-strength aluminum alloy, lighter and more portable.
    Small and exquisite appearance, easy to operate, support a wide range.
    High-precision bearings, feel smooth, flexible operation.
    Professional design, 360 ° all-round stable shooting.
    Retractable stabilizer balance bar to adjust the length.
    Thread design on the backbone, just gently rotating can shrink freely.
    Vest damping arm can be used with professional use.
    Screw Size: 1/4"
    Section Number: 3
    Weight: 575g (excluding weights)
    Weights weight: 1090g
    Mini working height: 32cm
    Max working height: 69cm
    Max load capacity: 3kg
    Adjustable range of the front & back: 50mm + 50mm
    Adjustable range of left & right: 20mm
    Applies to all below 3kg SLR camera or DV camera
    Packing List:
    1 x FM241 handheld stabilizer
    1 x Protective bag
    7 x Weights
    1 x Quick release plate

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  • Triopo Ballhead
    @ AED 330 ($ 89.55)

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  • Shooting Box Square Light Tent Kit YY 1601 D
    @ AED: 450 ($ 122.11)
    This complete kit is an excellent product for photographing all those small items in great detail. Ideal for photographing all your items like phones, jeweler, insects, watches, & just about anything which fits within the confines of the studio. Easily folds out from the carry case & can be quickly setup to form a complete square enclosure, as it has tight fitting Velcro edges. In addition you also obtain 4 different colored inserts to give different background colors for you photos
    Set Includes:
    1 - Square Light Tent 16 in x 16 in x 16 in
    4 - Color Backgrounds (Red, Black, Blue & White)
    2 - 30ws Studio Light Bulbs
    2 - Light Stands for Lights
    1 - Camera Tripod for Camera
    1 - Carrying Case for Light Tent

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  • Red Light 3 Head Kit
    2400 Watts
    @ AED 1450 ($393.48 )
    Package Included
    3 x Red Head Continuous Lighting with dimmer
    3 x 800w Halogen Tungsten Bulb
    3 x 4 leaf Barn Door
    1x Silver Safety Mesh
    1x 3m power cord
    Technical Specifications :
    Open-Face, 800 watts, 100-240V, Color temperature- 3200K, Bulb socket- R7s 80mm, spot° / flood° angle- 38 / 62,
    lux power in sport mode 38°- 3m:6400lx, 5m:2400lx, 7m:1380 lx
    lux power in flood mode 62°- 3m:1380lx, 5m:570 lx, 7m: 295 lx
    Mount- spigot 16mm (5/8" receiver), power cord: 2.5m with in-line illuminated ON/OFF switch, protection class: IP20, CE & RoHS, Aluminium material, Color- Red, weight- 2.0 kg each

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  • TRIOPO HY-250
    @ AED 110 ($ 29.85)
    3-way pan head video head
    with 8kg load capacity
    Triopo 3-way pan head for video / - and Photography
    Triopo HY-250 video head including quick release plate with 8kg load capacity. Solid and clean processed 3-way pan head.
    adjustable friction of the panorama function
    Weight: 420g / Max. Load: 8 kg

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